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Kandahar City Photo Gallery

Kandahar Afghanistan Pictures

Top Places Photos in Kandahar Afghanistan

This article contains the most recent Kandahar Afghanistan photographs taken between 2010 and 2021. The Kandahar province of Afghanistan has many beautiful places to visit, and I’ve included some images of some of them here. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos.

Photos of some place at Kandahar City and surrounding areas

These are images of some nice places in Kandahar city.


Dahla Dam Kandahar

Dahla Dam is a big dam of water located at the Shah wali kot district of Kandahar Province and here are some nice photos of the place.

Ayno Mena Kandahar

Ayno Mena also called Aino mena is a very nice area located in Kandahar City. It is also described as the new town of Kandahar as it is build according to the modern city with all facilities of living available at the town. I am sharing some nice photos of Ayno Mena Kandahar with you here

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