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All about the Kandahar City, Kandahar, Afghanistan

Kandahar, often called Qandahar, is a city in Afghanistan’s south-central region. At an elevation of around 3,300 feet, it is located on a plain near to the Tarnak River (1,000 metres). It is the main business center of southern Afghanistan, located at the crossroads of highways leading from Kabul, Herat, and Quetta (Pakistan).

Although Kandahar has an international airport, it is primarily used for domestic flights.

It is located in the Pashtun heartland and served as Afghanistan’s first capital in the 18th century under Ahmad Shah Durrani. It was more recently the Taliban’s spiritual capital.

The Sacred Cloak Mosque (Kherqa Mubarak) in Kandahar is home to Kandahar’s greatest treasure, a cloak said to have belonged to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Mullah Omar wrapped himself in the cloak in front of a cheering Taliban throng and declared himself Amir al-Momineen prior to the Taliban’s conquest of Kabul in 1996. (Commander of the Faithful). The shrine of Ahmad Shah Durrani is close by.

The Chihil Zina are a few kilometres west of Kandahar’s downtown (Forty Steps). They lead to a niche guarded by two stone lions, which Babur cut into the rock to commemorate the Mughal’s achievements.

Kandahar Afghanistan has very beautiful place for tourists and travelers to visit and if you visit the ancient city of Kandahar remember to not miss seeing these amazing areas in Kandahar:

  • Ayno Mena (A modern build town in Kandahar)
  • Kherqa Mubarak (A mosque and shrine)
  • Baba Saheb (A shrine with beautiful view in Arghandab Kandahar)
  • Chihil Zina
  • And many other amazing places in Kandahar province

Kandahar City Gallery

Ayno Mena Kandahar
Baba Sahib Shrine Kandahar
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Kandahar City
Aino Mena Kandahar
Kandahar City 2021
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