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About Afghanistan

Tourism in Afghanistan In the 1970s, tourism in Afghanistan had been at its glorious best. More than 90,000 visitors from all over the world visited Afghanistan to see the country ‘s beautiful beauty and witness the care of one of the most hospitable people. Tomorrow, Kabul, amid decades of conflict, remains a vibrant city celebrating both the old and the modern. With the ever-increasing influence of the international community and ongoing reconstruction programs, Kabul has been given a touch of modern architecture that gives the city hope for a stable and sustainable future. Afghanistan has more than 6000 years of history, with many historic sights and attractions including the famous Buddha Statues, which are more than two thousand years old, the tomb of Hazrate Ali (the son in law of Prophet Mohammed p.b.u.h and the fourth caliph of Islam) in Mazar-e Sharif, the beautiful city of Balkh (also known as the Mother City of all Cities), the lakes of Band-e Amir, the deep lapis lazuli blue of the waters are a shocking contrast to the plain colours of the surrounding mountains.

Afghanistan has also played a major military role in attacking forces, from Genghis Khan to Alexander The Great. All these armies have left astonishing trails behind, trails that have been forgotten due to decades of war but are yet to be discovered. The Government is trying to restore Afghanistan’s war-torn infrastructure, a new initiative to establish transport ties and a regional telecommunications system between Kabul and the other countries Provinces were developed. In addition , the Government actively supports and gives full assistance to the private sector to invest in the tourism industry to assist Afghanistan’s tourism industry. The Afghan Tourist Industry has enormous potential to become competitive with ever growing foreign tourism. Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is willing to back any attempt to further develop Afghanistan’s tourism industry. Places of Interest: Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan since 1776, is a fast growing city where tall modern buildings nuzzle against bustling bazaars, wide avenues are filled Flowing turbans, gaily striped chapans (cloak), and plenty of lovely ears.

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